Economic News in Nigeria

9 January 2020 - The Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) have called off their strike against Chevron Nigeria Limited, an oil and gas extraction company, after it re-employed the workers that weren’t given their entitled pay in December 2019. 

In the Ultimatum passed by NUPENG, they disclosed that Chevron Nigeria Limited had ordered its contractor - Cordeau Nigeria Limited - to sack the 32 workers on the grounds that they were a part of NUPENG. This, according to NUPENG, was a violation of the rights of the workers and abuse of labour laws and was sheer discrimination on the part of Chevron. What do oil workers earn in Nigeria?

8 January 2020 - Seyi Makinde, the state governor of Oyo, Nigeria has assured citizens working in the state government that everyone will receive the revised wage of N30,000. The state governor has also set up a committee to supervise the implementation of the same. Furthermore, the governor has also been given a permit by the state Head of Service, Mrs Ololade Agboola to conduct a Merit Award Day. This is expected to improve the performance, quality and efficiency of the government workers as the productivity and award system lets the workers know that they are being monitored.  Read more about Minimum Wages

16 December 2019 - Employees of the National Identity Management Commission in Nigeria have given an ultimatum stating that they will shut the Commission owing to the poor working conditions that they have been subjected to. Moreover, the employees are yet to receive outstanding payments and salaries from the management. According to News Agency  of Nigeria, the workers of the organisation had written to the federal government on the 8th of November whilst being backed by the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria giving the Commission a 21-day notice to improve the working conditions. The Commission has failed to comply with the demands of the workers in the stipulated time frame, and has consequently failed to pay the 28-day relocation allowance as well. Health and Safety laws

12 December 2019 - The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) passed an ultimatum stating that all state governments must commence the payments of the revised national minimum wage of N30,000. As of 12 December 2019, only five states have implemented the revised national wage and 19 states are yet to comply with the minimum wage set by the federal government.  As a part of the ultimatum, the NLC has assured the state governments that non-compliance beyond 31 December 2019 with the revised national minimum wage will lead to dissonance related to industrial policies between the federal government and the state government. The federal government is also working with the organised sector and all the associated political parties to ensure that workers can enjoy these revised wages and the implementation is uniform throughout the country. Check Minimum Wages in Nigeria