Weaving and knitting machine operators

Tasks and duties

  • Setting up and operating batteries of automatic, link-type knitting machines to knit garments of specified pattern and design
  • Threading yarn, thread and fabric through guides, needles and rollers of machines for weaving, knitting or other processing
  • Tending automatic looms that simultaneously weave pile yarn, filling yarn and warp yarn material to produce carpets and rugs with various coloured designs
  • Operating and monitoring looms on which yarn or twist is intersected and knotted at regular intervals to form mesh
  • Operating and monitoring large automatic multi-needle machines to embroider material or to sew lengths of several layers of material to make yard goods, quilts or mattress coverings
  • Tending circular knitting machines with automatic pattern controls that knit seamless hose
  • Operating and monitoring knitting machines to knit hosiery to shape of foot and leg
  • Operating and monitoring machines for knitting heels and toes of socks into ribs or tops cut from circular fabric
  • Operating and monitoring machines which seam openings in toes of socks
  • Operating and monitoring crochet machines to knit lace, trimming, etc. Of desired patterns or design
  • Examining looms to determine causes of loom stoppage, such as warp filling, harness breaks or mechanical defects
  • Repairing or replacing worn or defective needles and other components
  • Cleaning, oiling, and lubricating machines, using air hoses, cleaning solutions, rags, oil cans and/or grease guns

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